October 31, 2011

Post It Pads~~

 Here's some more cuteness from the craft thingy I am doing this month!

These post it pads are made from the 4x4 coasters.  I covered them with DSP and my 3M gun.  Then I slightly sanded the edges,  used my Bind It All to link the two pieces and then decorated!

Inside is a standard sized post it pad, but I split them in two halves.  Meaning I separated one pad into two equal pads.  You need to cover all four sides of the coasters with DSP so that they are pretty when you open them too.  (which would have made a good photo......)

They are great little gifts for teachers and co-corkers a like!



1 comment:

Melissa Owens said...

Great Idea! Was wondering what to do with all these coasters!