November 04, 2011

List Pads~~

I have made these before, but have you?  They are cute and inexpensive to make!

First buy 5x7 steno pads.  Big stores like Costco sell them cheapest in yellow, and office supply stores sell them in the white like I found here.  White costs more but is easier to work with when it comes to colors.  Your office supply store will cut them in half for you for very little (around 1-2$ per stack) Call around in your area for the best prices on cutting.

The CS you use behind the pad will be 9.5 inches by 1/4 inch wider than your pad.  I have had the size of the pad vary after cutting based on how careful the person is, so measure the pad and add 1/4 inch.  The score on the longest part at 1inch and 1 1/4 inch for the piece that comes up and over the top.  You will use Sticky Tape to adhere the pad to the cs.  Place one piece on the top of the list pad and three on the back.  A trick I learned is to remove the film on the sticky tape piece on the front first, then adhere that before you remove the pieces on the back.  Sticky Tape is very unforgiving remember.  Then just decorate in whatever theme you like and place two strips of magnet on the back for hanging on the fridge!  Ta-Da!

If you're confused, come to club this month.  I just decided we will be making them!


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