August 19, 2011

Missing Camera~~

My camera went to Disneyland this week with my darling daughters. To say I am jealous of their fun is an understatement. I am excited for them and their first road trip together, but it is a weird feeling to have my children take off to California without me.....really weird.

Anyway, the point of that musing was that I can't take new photos. So I went fishing in my file folder in the computer and came across a few great cards that I did before I had a blog!

This was done at a 10 for $10 class I taught once. Simple coloring on the stamp itself makes this two color image possible. Of course I used my SU markers. I adore them! Thanks to my mom for getting me the original set for Christmas one year! After two color renovations, I have had to redo them but the case and a few of the markers are original. They really do last a long long time!

Have a great weekend! See you back on Monday (unless I get especially motivated when my camera returns!)


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Nikole Hahn said...

I used this image in our new prayer center. Hope that was okay. I know it's a little last minute, but I thought the card was too neat to pass on my theme: Praise God for Friends Who Pray....I put a byline in the corner. :o)