May 17, 2011

Fabulous Purses~~

There are so many of these fun little purse cards floating around on the internet. It seems everyone is making them! I hadn't tried this type yet, so this is my attempt!

Punches....I love em'! My stamp club girls know, I have em all! I think there are only a couple I am missing.......I love how simple and easy it is to create cute things with them. At first I resisted the urge. They seemed so expensive. But once I started collecting them, I couldn't stop! And believe you me, they get used!

For this style of purse, 3 punches are used. The Tab Punch and both of the large oval punches by SU! The secret with the handle is to punch the small oval first then center it in the window of the larger one before punching it. Kind of backwards thinking if you haven't done it before! The tab punch is used, then cut in half to create two purses, as are the handles. Each oval shape creates two handles. Then use the inside smaller oval, cut in half, for the flap on the purse! My greeting stamp is (crooked) and from the $1 bin at my LCS (right Liss?) Tiny little rhinestones complete the look.~~

It's Mail-A-Card-Monday! Go go go~~~!

~~Stamping Smiles~~

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