January 19, 2011

Seeing Spots~~

I created this little quickie after I saw an VERY similar card on the

Nothing special really, but it was under ten minutes, as promised. No frills, no ribbon (gasp), just some bright fun colors! Perfect when you need something fast and easy! The greeting is from the $1 spot at M's a couple years ago (sorry)!

I cleaned my stamp room tonight. Whew, I feel better now! I am happy to make a mess in here, but I can't work that way for more than a couple days. Now I need to add some shelves for my ribbon storage and a few other things to get them off my work space. I have a closet full of shelves, but there are some things I want out closer, but off my work space. (besides the closet is pretty much full!)

That gave me an idea, I think soon I will post pics of my craft room! Everybody does that on their blog, and I haven't yet! Hmmm....

~~Stamping Smiles~~

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