April 12, 2011

Bugs and Kisses~~

I have become one of "those" people. You know the type.....the kind that needs to stamp every single day. Something is missing if I don't. I always thought "those" people were crazy, now I know it's true. I am crazy, crazy lucky and blessed to have a space to stamp (almost) every single day. A hubby who doesn't quite get it, but who doesn't really care either. I feel like I can "move on" once I have stamped. Some days, I try to get "enough" done so I CAN stamp. Other days, I stamp so that I can get stuff done. But either way, I stamp. Call me crazy, I won't hear ya anyway. I have the cutest grandson! He is so adorable and funny and busy busy busy! Since the day we found out the granbaby was going to be a boy, I knew I wanted this set. I finally got it! So this card is for the granbaby! He is one now and so full of life and joy and cuteness! I pulled out some old Green Galore CS for this, paired it with Only Orange and then Real Red, Brilliant Blue, Yo-Yo-Yellow ink to make the bugs come marching in! (are you hearing the music?)
Bugs and Kisses

~~Stamping Smiles~~


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