March 11, 2011

Sweet Treats~~

I had a hard time deciding whether or not to make this little cutie at stamp club next week, but since I have decided on something else, I can show you this now!

The directions and credit all go to
Andrea_Walford for this little guy~~

I cruise her site and subscribe to her bi-monthly newsletter and she is fabulous!

One sheet of CS will make two of these little boxes....I love smart card-stock-usage. It makes me happy....odd but true!

If you want the directions they are only available until the 13th of March through her newsletter, so get it before its gone!

I was out sick for two days this week, so I made these for my co-workers who had to cover for me! I am starting a new job Tuesday and I will dearly miss my time with my current co-workers. We have had some darn good times together! Laughter is a part of our everyday, at least at some point. I know they will be glad when I come to visit, so long as I bring treats!

~~Stamping Smiles~~

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