November 27, 2010

Project Parade~~

Well, Project Parade 2010 was the best yet! I had a ball with these gals! And I know they had a great day too! (cuz they said so!) Here I am Friday night all set up and ready to go! (well mostly anyway...)

These are the Raffles and Door Prizes I had for the girls~~

For hours the girls were bust "slaving away" on crafts! Here are Mandy and Maggie~~~

And sisters Cathy and Joann~~

And MORE sisters, Terry and Helen!
All in all, there were 13 different projects (they made 2 of some of them) including Pot Holder Notes (by Kathy McGuire) Post It Note Magnets, Smores Kits, Candle, Giant Paper Clip Bookmarks and MORE~~~
Tomorrow I will post more pictures.....right now I am ready for coffee, a blanket and a movie!!

~~Stamping Smiles~~

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