September 02, 2010

Crafty Fun~~

In a couple weeks the ladies at my church are heading to ladies camp! This is an event that happens each year in the fall, and it happens at the camp where I used to live! Always a good time!
Each year at camp there is a "name tag contest". This year I was asked to help the ladies create their name tags! It was fun and a treat for me too! Last weekend we got together at the church and I helped about a dozen ladies, come of whom had never held a stamp before, to create some darling name tags!

And I am realizing as I post this that I have yet to take a photo of the finished product, so I guess you will have to come back tomorrow for that~~~

We used punches, a cuttlebug, a laminator, ink, alphabet stamps and so on to play that day! Thankfully there were some "experienced" stampers there, including the pastors wife, to help me with those that were new!

The ladies enjoyed themselves and the name tags we made will be adorable, whether they win the contest or not! Tune in tomorrow for a photo of a finished name tag! Then late September, I will let you know how we did in the contest!
~~Stamping Smiles~~

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