October 02, 2009

Awesome Opportunity~~

Something awesome happened to me this week! I got a phone call from Cookie Brinkmeyer, who owns the landmark Brinkmeyer HOME here in Prescott, AZ. She is hosting the third annual Holiday Boutique in her home, to benefit the Citizens Cemetery here in town.
She invites about 30 crafters to contribute items to be sold at her boutique, and I am number 21! (insert huge smile!)
We all agree to donate 10% of our sales to benefit the Citizens Cemetery, and naturally, we get the opportunity to showcase our hand crafted items! ( And hopefully bring in a little cash~)

I currently have some of my cards for sale at Bucky's_Bean_Bag on historic Whiskey Row (local). Cookie called and said she had bought some of my cards there, and thought they were cute, and well done! I was honored and excited, but it was not until later that I understood the significance of the Brinkmeyer home! Now I am even more honored and excited!

I have been working for days already to prepare for the Boutique (hence the lack of posts this week), which will be November 13-15. Today's post showcases some covered list pads like the ones I have been working on. The other projects I have been crafting will show up on the blog soon!

I bought 5x7 steno pads and had them cut in half at an office supply store for like $1 per cut. They can cut about 10-12 at a time, so it was only a couple dollars to have this done! I then cut my CS at 8 1/4 by 5 1/2. Then scored at 2 5/8 and 2 7/8. Be sure to cover the top part of the pad (as shown below) with some DSP to carry the pretty-ness to the inside. Use a generous amount of Sticky Tape (do you have yours?) and adhere the pad to the cover. Decorate with
co-ordinating DSP, ribbon and inks, and ta-da! Cute cute cute!

Pads like these are going to the boutique as well as some other fun items. Boy, do I have work to do! I have never tried something like this before, so I am curious how it will go.

Tomorrow, October 3rd, is National Card making Day! Make a card (and send it) for someone you love! Use that stampin' stuff girls!

A handmade card in the mail will surely encourage the receiver and brighten their day!

~~Stamping Smiles~~


Nita Kauffman said...

You go girl!! How absoluetely exciting.. I'm so happy for you:) Go blow their socks off!!

Kelly Lunceford said...

How fun, Shelli! I wish you the best of luck. Boutiques can be the best and sometimes the worst! I hope yours goes well for you! Here in Utah, everyone loves the ideas, but goes home and makes their own rather than buying. Let us know how it goes!!!

Gretchen Clark said...

awesome!!! I hope you sell lots :)