October 17, 2011

Film Frankie~~

I love this one!  Isn't it great!  (she says patting her own back).  I was talking to my daughter and she said "Mom, you don't send halloween cards...."  and I said "I'm not, he's from a movie, they are movie cards!" (sarcastically) and the idea was born to make a movie strip of Frankie!

I suppose I should have made the notches on the black cs on both sides, but I didn't really think of that until it was completed.  I used my markers in a continuous striping motion to get even color.  If you double back with markers, you get dark areas and uneven color.  The "hello" is also from the $1 bin.  I'm telling you, you need to stalk those craft store bins. I have a wonderful collection of words from the $1 bin, but I have been collecting them for a couple years.  Just grab a couple when you go.  They replenish every couple weeks!

Well, hats off to you.  Hug your kids, love your hubby, mail a card to a friend, and be thankful for what you have!  


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