September 08, 2010

Hallway Decor~~

Having lived in this house for just six months, and muddling through some major major life changes, dealing with the crisis of the immediate, and starting a new job with way more hours, I had not gotten to far with my decorating the new house. Finally, an idea came to me for my hallway, incorporating some new items as well as current things I own. Finally this weekend I did it!

With the decoration help of my 18 yo daughter, we hit Hobby Lobby and purchased just a few things. You may be asking yourself what this has to do with stamping. It does because I added in some new items from the Decor Elements catalog, basically the wall rub-ons!

The first two pictures are of my "naked" hallway.

Looking one direction....................

then the other. The floor plan is a wrap around, so behind that wall on the right is actually the kitchen! The walls may look white, but they are actually a Latte color. My wonderful hubby is a great and neat painter, so I owe that to him.

Now you can the finished project! I got the shelves and decorative items on the shelves at Hobby Lobby (50% off I might add!) The pic's of my family we took a couple years ago at Goldwater Lake. They turned out so great I will have a hard time ever taking them down.

Then around four of the pictures I added the rub- ons (# 116192 $5.95) for some more dimension, and I must say they were super easy to use, and they look awesome! Now my house is beginning to feel homey! I did add one more large Decor Elements rub-on, but I will show that photo in another post!
If you have been leery of the wall rub-ons, don't be. My neighbor got one of the larger ones with A LOT of lettering, and she said it was difficult due to all the letters. But the ones I used were pretty easy. I think the hardest part was getting it from one side of the backing to the other before we even tried to get it on the wall! Don't be afraid, just try them! They add so much for not a lot of $$!
~~Happy Stamping~~


Nikole Hahn said...

We're going to do some repainting ourselves in the fall. You got the rubons at Hobby Lobby? That's not a bad idea. I may plagerise your idea for our walls.

Gretchen Clark said...

great minds think alike ;0)