August 30, 2010

Chic Gift~~

So my fifteen year old son was invited to the home of a Russian girl from school for her 16th birthday party. His school is pretty small and all the kids are close so I really didn't ask any other questions. He has a blast. But what was funny to me was, when my husband and I dropped him off, there were five girls (and no guys) out front. I knew he was a few minutes early so I figured more friends were coming. But as we drove away, I forgot for a minute how old he is and I said out-loud "Poor kid, there's no other guys there...." I thought my darling husband was going to choke! "Poor kid? All those girls? Are you kidding me?" Turns out, there were a total of 9 girls, and 0 other guys. Now you know why he had a blast! I am blessed, my son is a great kid and he definitely makes me laugh!
All that to say, what does a 15 YO boy give a 16 YO girl on her birthday. One must be careful to not convey the wrong message, spend to much or to little, clothes are always out (unless your big sister picks them out) and so on. Since I had about 2 hours notice for this party (teens............) I decided this note book would work. Not mushy, the right size, and most girls love notebooky things.
I had this in the closet for over a year or more, waiting to be re-covered. The pages are white with red lines on them and the top of each page says "Notes". I went with red and black using DSP from last year, the new Chic Boutique SS, Riding Hood Red and a few tools and toys. I placed some new half back pearls on the "hello" tag and the top of the Eiffel Tower for pop. I also made a cute bag to go with, but sadly no time for a photo of that~~~
I hope you find some time to get some stamping in this week! I am gonna try my darndest!
(is that a word?)
~~Stamping Smiles~~

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