September 08, 2009

Pretty Post It Holder~~

As I post this, I am realizing that I don't know when I last made a card! I did make a couple to prepare for Club this month, but I have been so into the 3-D stuff! If I didn't have like 100 cards (or more) in my stash to send out, I would worry.....
This cute little Post It Note holder was made with directions from SCS. Once again, SCS is a wonderful site where you will find ideas and tutorials and 1000's of card ideas for your SU (and more) stamps! I love this place! The resource section of SCS is incredible! HERE are your directions! The paper I used here is SU Old Olive, Orchid Opulence and Cottage Wall DSP. I am in love with the Cottage Wall DSP. It reminds me of my Grandmother. She loved purple, so I think of her when I see it!

Here is the view open. My pencil was a little long, but oh well! I will look for a shorter one before I give it away. I just didn't want to leave my craft room and enter the "real world"(where there are dishes and laundry and children needing you!), so I took the photo with what I had in there. All you need to make this, that you may not have on hand already, is Sticky Tape. You NEED Sticky Tape! It is the bomb!

Let me know if you follow me here, paper crafters. "The cutest card I ever made is the one I just finished." Do you know what I mean by that? It's why we have hoards of cards waiting to be mailed out. We make a card, get on a roll, make more cards, and then the cutest one is there, and done, and gorgeous. But then we make another, and now it is the cutest. And so in lies the problem. Often when you need a card, the one you made, say, yesterday, isnn't good enough. The card you need today must be custom. Made just for that certain someone. Not "any old" card will do (even though when you finished it, it was the cutest card you ever made) So we start over.......and we end up with a stash of 100 cards or more just waiting!

So here is my encouragement to you----take that "old" card out of your stash, give it an envelope and a postage stamp, and send it packin'! You'll be glad you did! I always am~~

~~Stamping Smiles~~

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