August 13, 2009

Here I am!

Well, I finally made the jump. After much encouragement from fellow bloggers and stampers, I have joined the crazy world of stampin' and bloggin'! I am looking forward to connecting and creating with the best of em'! Join me as we Live, Love, and Stamp together!

~~Stamping Smiles~~


Cindy said...

Hi - Popped on over from Gretchen's blog - So excited that I am your first comment - welcome to blog-land - I am sure you will love it and meet so many wonderful friends. It will be exciting to watch you from the start.

Have a super weekend and I'll be back:)

Gretchen Clark said...

you are good to go!!!

Diana Gibbs said...

Hey chickee,
Glad you took the leap...I'll be watchin' ya!

Big hugs,

Kathie McGuire said...

Welcome to blogging, Shelli!! I'm thrilled that you've taken the plunge and I'm right here as your faithful follower.

Enjoy the journey!!


Kathie McGuire

Kelly Lunceford said...

Hi Shelli,

Congratulations on your blog! How fun! I am a little late getting here, but wanted to say Hi! I will check back often!